In the last thirty years more and more commercial buildings, offices and houses have been covered by coated aluminium or galvanized steel roof and wall cladding systems. By applying these cladding materials buildings do not only acquire a modern and fresh appearance, but the building costs are also reduced considerably.

There is a misconception that roof and wall cladding can do without maintenance. If not properly maintained, pollution, salt deposition and corrosion can affect these cladding materials to such an extent that renovation may be necessary. Therefore, in order to keep their modern and fresh appearance, these materials need to be cleaned regularly.

In spite of the guarantee that manufacturers and suppliers of roof and wall panels offer for their products, damage to these materials by whatever cause can never be excluded. Our company is often requested to carry out inspections or damage assessments by manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, for guarantee or insurance purposes.

In these inspections and damage assessments, we investigate the condition of the construction and maintenance of the roofs and walls in question. In our reports we do not only assess the cause and the extent of the damage, we also give specific advice to our clients about repair and maintenance.