Even well constructed metal roofs need maintenance. In the long run pollution, fluctuations in temperature, expansion and contraction as well as general ageing will take their toll. In most cases only the outer skin surface coating is affected whereas the roof itself is hardly or not at all damaged. Why consider replacing a whole roof system, when most problems are associated with deterioration of the outer skin and surface coating only? This is not only impractical, but in most cases it is unnecessary.

For the repair of the outer skin of metal roofs we use an innovative process (Roofpack). When the construction of the roof itself is not affected this process even offers a solution for roofs that are beyond repair with conventional techniques.

On the basis of a thorough inspection of the complete roof, the necessary repairs are carried out with products that were specifically developed for this purpose and any corrosion will be neutralised. After a thorough cleaning a new, two-layered rubber coating will be sprayed on the roof and into the gutters.

A metal roof repaired on the basis of the Roofpack process will be waterproof for years and will function without any problems.

When a roof actually only needs a high quality overhaul our process offers the client many advantages. Not only can we carry out repairs faster and cheaper compared to the conventional techniques, but also our method hardly interferes with the company's business. When you need a good roof instead of a new roof Roofpack is the solution for you.