Repair & spotrepair

Dents and scratches in metal panels and profiles have an extremely negative effect on the appearance of a modern building. When repairing this damage, both indoors and outdoors, the technical quality matters, but even more important is the aesthetic result of the repair. To achieve a practically invisible repair of this kind of damage we use techniques that can even be applied on panels that have a metallic coating.

In many cases the damage to metal panels and profiles includes corrosion of the substrate. We give advice on the best solution for this problem according to the extent of the corrosion in each individual case. In most cases it is sufficient to remove the corrosion and to apply a new anti-corrosion coating. In some cases the damaged panels must be replaced. These two solutions can also be combined to achieve the best result.

Due to exposure to general atmospheric pollution and UV from natural sunlight, coated panels can become so weather stained that a new surface coating must be applied to enhance the appearance and prevent further deterioration. Especially with aged coatings the panels may need to be stripped to the metal substrate before re-coating. After the original coating and any corrosion have been removed, all previously corroded areas are given a special treatment before a new coating is applied.

When treating areas of mechanical damage, we adjust the composition of the new coat of paint to the present colour of the surrounding material so that all cladding types, including single-skin, built-up systems and composite panels, can be repaired in a practically invisible way. Our method of repairing this damage has resulted in the decision of a number of suppliers of metal panels and profiles to maintain the guarantee on their products if our company carries out the repairs.