Renovation and restyling

Plans for an extension or an alteration, ageing of applied coatings, or a change in corporate identity can be the cause for renovation of a building in which metal panels and profiles are used. When re-location or a new building is out of the question, a re- styling of a commercial building may be the solution. Re-coating roof and wall panels is a durable and relatively simple way to give a company a modern appearance again.

Atmospheric pollution and UV exposure from natural sunlight eventually erode surface coatings to such an extent that the life of the substrate can only be prolonged by applying a new topcoat. Depending on the local conditions and whether these materials have been applied indoors or outdoors, re-coating will take place in our spray booths or in-situ. In either case, we can apply any desired colour on metal panels.

The choice for a certain colour does not only depend on place and time; personal preference and a corporate identity are also important considerations. Suitable and efficient mixing is of great importance to prevent a visible colour difference when re-coating or repairing metal panels. As such, our colouring department has at its disposal an advanced colour mixing system. This colour system does not only enable us to make any desired colour, but moreover the composition of all the formerly developed colours are stored and kept for later use.

Health and safety regulations during application and environmental legislation has resulted in the development of and an ever more frequent requirement for water based painting systems. When working indoors the use of water based paint has even become mandatory. That is also why re-coating metal panels in the same or a different colour requires a special approach and expertise. In this respect the choice of the exact coating and a good adhesion of this coating, either to the previous coating or to the substrate is of special importance. For all types of metal cladding systems, RBM Europe has the know-how to prolong the life cycle of these materials to its maximum.