Cleaning and maintenance

To prolong the life cycle of metal roof and wall panels and to maintain the fresh appearance of a building, it is necessary to clean these materials regularly. The life cycle of roof and front panels can be reduced considerably by the presence of surface contamination and atmospheric pollution. The regular cleaning of roofs, walls and gutters does not only prolong the life cycle of these materials, but it also has a positive influence on the general appearance of a building.

For the cleaning of metal panels and profiles we use a large selection of cleaning products and equipment. Depending on the kind of pollution and the material applied, we select those products to ensure best results in each individual case.

When removing graffiti, the original coating is damaged in most cases. To prevent this problem we can offer our clients an effective solution. For the protection of metal panels and profiles we use a product that covers these materials with a graffiti proof coating.

This coating is of such a composition to severely limit the adhesion of spray paints and other graffiti products. The result is that the graffiti does not penetrate to the base material. With special cleaning equipment the graffiti covered coating can be removed quickly and simply. On objects of art and street furniture too, our graffiti proof coating offers an excellent protection against this form of vandalism.

In harsh environmental conditions, depending on the climate, the extent of the pollution, the design and the operational use of a building it is desirable to clean the walls and roofs once or twice a year. Where the building cosmetics are less important or in a mild climate, one cleaning every four or five years may be sufficient.

Both for the cleaning and for the maintenance of metal panels and profiles a cleaning and/or maintenance contract can be entered into.