Another specialism of RBM Europe is repairing blisters in façade panels.

Sunlight can heat the gasses in the polyurethane core of a sandwich panel.  The metal becomes detached from the core, so that an unattractive blister appears in the panel.

This is unpleasant aesthetically, but also architecturally unsuitable. The panel is a part of the outer structure of the building, affixed to the polyurethane core, from which the structure derives its strength. So it is very important that the blister is repaired.

It is a fact that not all blisters can be satisfactorily repaired. This is due to the cause of the blister.  Our employees can decide on site if the blister can be repaired, or if a panel needs to be replaced.

If we can repair the blister, we will use a new adhesive substance, which RBM Europe have developed in conjunction with a leading adhesive manufacturer and a leading European University.